The Block Sky High Judges

The judges for the Block Sky High 2013 will be the resident judges of the Block Australia.

  • Neale Whitaker – Editor-in-Chief Belle Magazine.
  • Shaynna Blaze – Interior Designer, Artist, Writer, Singer.
  • Darren Palmer – Designer, Writer and Speaker.

The Block Sky High 2013 Judges


5 Responses to The Block Sky High Judges

  1. buzzbuzz says:

    its not fair for matt and Kim to give a 9 and a 1/2

  2. Liam says:

    What is with the new judge

  3. Dee says:

    why does Darren feel he needs to lean on freshly painted walls – get your hands and shoulders off the paintwork.

  4. Chris says:

    I wish I could afford Shayna to come my house she is so clever, I watch her on Selling Houses Australia all the time.

  5. Yara says:

    I don’t think that the twins good they are bad Triexe and Johno are better.

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