Shelley From The Block


Tonight we saw the return of The Block challenge master Shelly Craft.

Meltdowns, drama and stress all part of The Block Sky High as the contestants continue building the guest bedroom and en-suite.

We find out Trixie did 2 years of a carpentry apprenticeship. We thought she was a chipmunk but Trixie reveals she was nicknamed ‘Flipper’ because of her laugh.

Still trying to pick the twins. Alisa is the taller of the two.

Scotty introduces The Key Search in which 5 keys are hidden in 5 stores. The keys unlock some of the 68 safety deposit boxes in The Block apartments. George and Bec found the first key. Trixie and Johnno the second. Madi and Jarrod the third. Bec and George find the fourth key and so have two.

The challenge is to create a unique bed head and dress it in 6 hours and the prize is $5,000 cash. The bedheads have to be used in one of the 3 bedrooms in the apartment. There were two winners. Trixie and Johnno and The Twins Alisa and Lysandra. Each teams takes $2500 as prize money and get to keep all the linen and lighting they used in the challenge.

The Block Sky High returns Sunday night 19 May 2013 at 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm for Room Reveal.




Shelley has a moment



Laughing fit caused by Flipper



Safety Deposit Boxes on The Block Sky High



Bec and George find 2 Keys



Lysandra and Alisa Bedhead

Lysandra and Alisa Bedhead detail

Lysandra and Alisa Bedhead detail



Bec and George Bedhead


Bec and George Bedhead detail



Kim and Matt Bedhead


Kim and Matt Bedhead detail



Madi and Jarrod Bedhead


Madi and Jarrod Bedhead detail



Trixie and Johnno Bedhead


Trixie and Johnno Bedhead detail


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